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Gleanings Installation
Gleanings Installation
Gleanings Installation

Gleanings Installation

– Projections, Perspex, Antique Amplifier, Antique Earphones, Sound

Exhibited at Kyoto Art Center through an award given by the Royal College of Art and Kyoto City University of Arts.

Based on the writings of Lafcadio Hearn.

Hearn was an eccentric Victorian author who ended up in Japan.

His most famous works are transcriptions of ancient Japanese folk tales and ghost stories.

What I find interesting is that a Greek Irishman from England ended up preserving the ancient legends of such a private place, especially as the stories had only been part of an oral tradition.

Gleanings is an amalgamation of many things. I used passages from Hearn's stories as a starting point. In particular, Mimi-nashi Hōichi.

I filmed a traditional calligraphist painting the text, which was projected onto one side of the perspex scroll. I collected antique postcards and made a movie of still images, which shown on the reverse.

For the sound, I recorded myself reading passages from the story in Japanese. I also created a composition from various field recordings of Osaka and Kyoto.

When two people were sat at the piece, two shadows were cast onto the perspex. The opposite projected image could be seen within the silhouette void and the sound was split into two parts. Speech on one side, soundscape on the other.