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Music Supervision

– Indie Film & Fashion Presentation

Thomas Tait SS15
30 speaker sound installation at 176 The Strand for Thomas Tait SS15.

Huishan Zhang SS15
Third time working with Huishan, curating the music and designing the sound for his LFW presentations.

AllSaints Rip it Up Campaign 2014

Commissioned to conduct field recordings around east London. I walked around Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Commercial Rd and Corsica Studios with binaural microphones, capturing snippets of conversation and atmospheric sounds. The field recordings were collaged with music I curated for their AW14 New York Fashion Week presentation.
Rip It Up

The NYU Suicides

(2005) 80min
Director: Adario Strange

In the course of one year, six students in New York City, at NYU, all committed suicide by jumping from Manhattan buildings. This film tells the story of how the events unfolded and explores some possible answers to the tragic deaths. Traveling from the halls of Harvard's mental experts, to the streets of Japan where suicide is rampant, the film also delves into the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the underground history of New York City.

Wings of Blue Angels

(2007) 30min
Director: Tongpong Chantarangkul

"Wings of Blue Angels" follows the journey of two women and their questions about love and all of its complexities. Lives intertwine and experiences are shared amongst strangers in Bangkok - a city of millions where paths cross each day and the chance of finding a connection with someone happens in ways you least expect. This is exactly what happens to Farr and Nuam; two women leading very different lives who find love in very different places.